eg-ice 2014


16-18 July 2014, Dr Shen Wei, Dr Yaqub Rafiq (Workshop organiser) and Professor Pieter de Wilde (Workshop organiser) attended the 21st International Workshop: Intelligent Computing in Engineering 2014, held at Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK. During the meeting, Dr Shen Wei presented a paper titled: Using artificial neural networks to assess reduction in residential energy demand by changing occupant behaviour, based on their research carried out in eViz.

1st/2nd National Meeting of Annex 66

1stOn the 7th Jan, 2014 and the 30th May, 2014, Dr Shen Wei was invited to attend the first and second national meetings for ANNEX 66: Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings, held in the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and Tongji University, Shanghai, China. During the first meeting, Dr Wei made a presentation titled: Behavioural studies in Europe. During the second meeting, Dr Wei provided a presentation titled: A comparison of alternative occupant classification approaches for the modelling of window opening behaviour in buildings.



bso 1423-24 June 2014, Professor Pieter de Wilde attended the 2nd conference of Building Simulation Optimisation, held in at the UCL, London, UK. During the meeting, Professor de Wilde presented a paper titled Extending the UK’s green deal with the consideration of occupant behaviour, based on the research carried out by the building technology team in eViz.

8th Windsor conference

windsor10-13 April 2014, Dr Shen Wei attended the 8th Windsor conference ‘Counting the Cost of Comfort in a Changing World’ and presented a paper titled Using building performance simulation to save residential space heating energy: A pilot test, coming from his research in eViz.


iea12-14 March 2014, Professor Pieter de Wilde and Dr Shen Wei attended the first expert meeting of a new IEA project ANNEX 66: Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings, held in Hong Kong. In that meeting the team from Plymouth University is one of the two institutions from the United Kingdom.