eViz at BEHAVE

The papers from the BEHAVE conference are now available on the conference website. Sabine Pahl, Robert Guest, Rachel Burrows, Julie Goodhew and Christine Boomsma attended the conference and three papers were presented:

Burrows, R., Johnson, H., & Johnson, P.Online Social Media Systems to Influence Pro-environmental Behaviour: Modelling the Drivers of our Energy-use.

Stone, R., Guest, R., Pahl, S., & Boomsma, C. Exploiting Gaming Technologies to Visualise Dynamic Thermal Qualities of a Domestic Dwelling:Technical & Human Factors Challenges

Goodhew, J, Pahl, S., & Boomsma, C. A mixed method study of the role of tailoring in the design of visual interventions for domestic energy efficiency

The conference provided an interesting overview of current research into the role of human behaviour in energy use.


Christine Boomsma and Robert Guest present at BEHAVE, with chair Dr Sea Rotmann


Dinner at the Oxford town hall

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